Immersive relaxation at your fingertips

An innovative and revolutionary ally adapted to your needs


The latest technology for your well-being

The unique and fascinating combination of traditional anti-stress approaches and the latest technological innovations in virtual reality.


Implemented in France by professionals of relaxation and sophrology, immersive relaxation is a unique experience proposed by ConVRgence


It is complete, flexible and mobile. It allows you to travel in

a bubble of well-being a world away from everyday stresses... in record time thanks to short sessions of

10, 15 or 20 minutes for immediate and lasting benefits !

ConVRgence accompanies you throughout this virtual journey that respects the classical structure of traditional relaxation approaches (meditation, breathing, sophrology, mindfulness...) :

  • Visual Immersion 

  • Panorama Sound

  • Breathing methods

  • Guided Relaxation

Guided by sophrologists, you’ll be able to reconnect to yourself and regenerate with this amazing sensory experience.

Total immersion for complete well-being

Bringing well-being … for all !

Thanks to an innovative relaxation solution in virtual reality


Take a revitalizing break :
relaxation, escape …
Taking care of yourself is essential !

Professionals, company

Put people back at the heart of professional issues. A happy employee is 31% more productive!

Wellness salons, SPAs, wellness professionals, hotel

Differentiate and reach a wider clientele in tune with innovation and the latest technology

Social workers (Ephad, Hospitals, private hospitals)

Non-medicinal alternative.

Improve the lives of patients or seniors citizens