découverte convrgence

Your well-being,

our motivation

An innovative and accessible solution



of French people are stressed because of their professional life.



stress problems are due to financial worries.



of people report being stressed about their personal lives.

The well-being,

essential for your health

To have good health, taking well-being into account is essential.

We have long believed that taking care of ourselves was something for the elite or a luxury treat, and this belief has often prevented us from resorting to alternative medicine at our expense.

Faced with stress?

A moment of respite

for body and soul.

A stopover totally dedicated to serenity will make you live a time of well-being and well-being out of the ordinary and closer to your feelings thanks to the guidance of a sophrologist and virtual reality.

How does a session take place ?


Make yourself comfortable,

put on the virtual reality (VR) and audio headset


Let yourself be guided by a relaxation therapist in virtual reality in exotic universes conducive to the resourcing of body and mind ...


Choose the duration of your wellness session, your theme (letting go, sleep, confidence, cardiac coherence ...), your natural environment in 360 ° and your language (French or English)