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So we change?

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The world is changing, personal and professional lives are increasingly marked by a search for well-being.


Putting people back at the very heart of professional issues is essential.

Stress at work:

An inevitable awareness

60% of employees surveyed were anxious about returning to work

With the pandemic, psychosocial risks have boosted sick leave to 14%

A very high turnover

Happy employees are 31% more productive

60% of employees feel more motivated when the employer takes well-being into consideration

The implementation of solutions is economically profitable: 1 € invested = 2.2 € earned on average

Sources: IFOP study published in June 2020, Malakoff Humanis study cited by Les Échos in September 2020

81% of employees surveyed after the first confinement consider that well-being at work is a priority issue within their company

The benefits of bringing well-being to the workplace
For you

Boosts performance and productivity

Long-term commitment to the prevention of psychosocial risks


Participate in improving the Quality of Life

at work

Gives the image of an innovative company that takes care of its employees


Retain its potential


Attract new talents

For your employees

Decreases stress and anxiety


Gains in efficiency, energy and serenity


Develops concentration skills


Increase motivation and recognition


Boost your confidence and esteem


Live changes more calmly by taking a step back

Find the balance of his emotions

For your employees
Medico-social sector

Well-being is an essential component of Health.

Today, more and more medical establishments are reintegrating into their courses and their services the methods allowing to improve the life and the health of their patients, residents ...

Our solution is a great non-drug alternative .

Pain, discomfort :

a necessary awareness


Adapt and accept

a new situation,

a loss of reference points synonymous with discomfort which triggers strong emotional instability.

Physical health and stress

Painful care, loss of sensory landmarks, significant physical change, the list of stressors is long.


Locked-in, boredom, nostalgia, need to escape ... morale is damaged and can in the long run be harmful to health if neglected.


Managing staff stress is also an essential component in contributing to the well-being of an entity and guaranteeing quality of service.

The benefits of bringing well-being
in the medico-social sector
(EHPAD, hospital, clinic ...)
For you

Improves the lives of your patients, the suffering or the elderly

Gives the image of an establishment taking care of its patients / residents

Help staff with care

Brings an innovative concept complementary to your current offer

Facilitates relationships with staff

For your patients / residents
For your patients/residents

Boost morale

Decreases stress and anxiety


Brings a disconnection, an immediate escape even in reduced mobility


Approaches daily life more serenely and facilitates relationships


Help to accept a new situation (illness, handicap, physical changes, loss of bearings, etc.)

Wellness professionals, SPA, hotels, seminars, events ...

Reach a wider clientele

thirsty for modernity .


Make a difference and complete your offer by associating ConVRgence with your own services.

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Tailor-made support

With ConVRgence, benefit from a dedicated contact person to support you throughout your project


Listening, adaptation and simplicity of implementation are fully integrated into our practice.

Virtual reality relaxation easily adapts to your activity, whatever the size of your structure.

This approach has the advantage of adjusting to all premises, your needs and all budgets.

Mobile, ConVRgence meets you on your premises .

No need for large spaces or even specific equipment. Our offer includes everything you need .

ConVRgence offers a moment of respite for body and mind through quality support and a virtual experience closer to your feelings.

Its strength lies in an immediate and efficient disconnection thanks to natural 360 ° environments and its use in various contexts. Getting into your bubble makes sense

Do you want to align your objectives with our approach?
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Rates adapted to your needs and the size of your structure.

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