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The world is changing and with it, the world of work. Personal and professional lives are increasingly marked by a search for serenity.


Rethinking tomorrow’s business means putting people back at the heart of professional issues.

From this perspective, technological innovation centered on well-being is an effective response and a major ally.

Work stress :

An inevitable awareness

50% of French employees suffer from stress or anxiety as part of their work

60% of lost workdays

50% of sick leave

A very high turnover

Happy employees are 31% more productive

60% of employees feel more motivated when the employer considers well-being

The implementation of solutions is economically profitable :

1 € invested = 2,2 € earned on average

Sources : EU-OSHA, INRS, AISS, Journal of Labor Economics, Institu Chapman, fondation Mind, Ipsos, Deloitte, ANACT/CSA, CESE

The benefits of bringing well-being to a company
your employees
Medical and social sector

Well-being is an essential component of health.

Today, more and more medical institutions are returning to their careers and services to improve the lives and health of their patients, residents ...

Immersive relaxation is a great non-drug alternative.

Pain, ill-being :

a necessary level of awareness


Adapt and accept a new situation, a loss of bearings synonymous with malaise that triggers a strong emotional instability.

Physical health and stress

Painful care, loss of sensory cues, significant physical change, the list of stressors is long.


Closure, boredom, nostalgia, need of escape ... the morale is undermined and can in the long run harm the health if it is neglected.


Managing staff stress is also an essential component to contribute to the well-being of an entity and to guarantee a quality of service

Benefits of well-being in the medico-social sector (EHPAD, hospital, clinic, etc.)
For your patients/residents
Wellness professionals, SPA, hotels, seminaries, special event managements ...

Reach a wider clientele in tune with innovation and the latest technology.


Differentiate and complete your offer by combining ConVRgence immersive relaxation with your own services.

A custom-made support

With ConVRgence, benefit from a dedicated team to support you throughout your project.

Listening and adapting to your needs, simplicity of implementation are fully integrated into our practice. Immersive relaxation is easily adapted to your activity, regardless of the size of the company.

This approach has the advantage of adjusting to all environments and budgets.

Mobile ConVRgence joins you on your premises.

There is no need for large spaces or specific equipment.

Our offer includes everything you need (seating, headsets,

etc.). Only a private space is required for the occasion in

order to optimize the relaxation sessions.

ConVRgence offers a moment of respite for the body and mind through a high quality virtual experience reflecting your emotions. Its strength lies in an immediate disconnection through natural environments with a variety of contexts to choose from. Getting into the virtual bubble makes sense.

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